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Art History Tours in Italy

Presented by Historian Chris Dobson

Art History Tours in Italy

“like being in your own personal TV documentary

I organize private tours in Italy for small groups, immersing you in the local art, history and culture, to give you a truly authentic flavour of the different regions of this beautiful country. I am a professional art historian with over 30 years’ experience, but more than that, I am also an artist with personal working experience of how artworks were actually created, and I use this unique blend of skills to explain the techniques used by the great artists. I enjoy sharing my passion for Italy as a rich mixture of art, culture and gastronomy. I speak Italian fluently.

My tours are given in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, and designed to make art and history engaging and exciting for all, without in any way ‘dumbing-down’ the subject. I believe that art history should be easily accessible to everyone, and from children, through adults with general interest, to degree students, and right up to museum professionals, my tours will enrich your experience of Italy.

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