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Expert Restoration of Antique Arms and Armour

Expert arms and armour restoration.

Chris Dobson carries out expert restoration and conservation of armour and edged weapons, from simple cleaning to bringing apparently hopeless cases ‘back from the dead’. Restoration can be either reversible or non-reversible. Chris specializes in re-applying original colour oxide finishes using historical techniques. As part of the restoration process clients can receive full ‘before and after’ photography and a report, documenting all work carried out and any notable features, such as constructional marks, signatures, working-lifetime alterations or battle damage. If required, as additional Consultancy pieces can be fully researched and provenanced, and scientifically anylized by leading experts.

Chris can also provide hardwood stands and poseable figures for mounting single helmets and complete armours, and detailed costumed mannequins can be specially commissioned for gallery displays.

Expert restoration of harquebusier armour
Expert restoration of English Civil War armour
The two photos above show how a simple 17th century Flemish harquebusier pott was restored to show its original elegant lines: removal of later paint; correction of distortion of the peak and skull; restoration of the nasal bar and staple, cheek pieces and neckguard; restoration of the original blue-grey oxide finish.
Professional restoration of 16th century armor
Professional of German 16th century armour
The two photos above show a late-16th century German anime breastplate prior to restoration, then incorporated into a composite half armour. The restoration of the armour included: making a new falling buffe; general re-strapping and leathering; new fixtures; and re-colouring the plates with a distinctive ‘peacock blue’ oxide finish. The finished armour was then mounted on a poseable hardwood stand.
Professional restoration of edged weapons.
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