Formerly Master Armourer to the Royal Armouries

Arms and Armour Consultant

Arms and Armour Consultant Chris Dobson

It is in Chris Dobson’s consultancy work on antique arms and armour that his experience of restoration work and knowledge of art and history are brought together with archival research and scientific analysis.

Decades of working on original armour and edged weapons of all levels of quality have given Chris a deep familiarity with how real armour and weapons are constructed, what they are made of and how they should work. He is familiar with corrosion patterns on antique surfaces, and how original colour finishes can change over time. All this is fundamental in being able to sort out real antiques from copies, but in addition he always encourages his clients to have his opinions backed up by metallographical analysis of objects, carried out by the leading expert in the field.

Chris Dobson uses his extensive knowledge of graphic art and sculpture, and of historical literary sources, to date and geographically place objects, and his original archival research - particularly in Italy - is used in seeking to provenance objects and identify their makers. He is responsible for the gallery design of the Castlerock Museum in the USA.

Chris is also available to ensure that the arms and armour for your show for film, TV or stage are accurate: the high production values of today deserve accurate arms and armour, and in ‘getting it right’, your production can be a real feast for the eyes of your audience. So often, the truth of history is far more impressive than you might imagine.

Arms and Armour Consultant Chris Dobson
Photos: above © Yale University Art Gallery; below Archivio di Stato, Florence.
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