The Art & Arms of Medieval & Renaissance Italy

Historian Chris Dobson

Renaissance History

Chris Dobson’s approach to his work as an historian has always been that art and history are exciting subjects in themselves, needing no sensationalization to make them interesting. Further, he believes that they can and should be communicated in a clear and informative way, without in any way ‘dumbing-down’ the subject-matter. Chris carries out independent academic research in libraries, archives and museum collections worldwide. He works for public museums and private clients, and also on his own projects, which he publishes himself online. He acts as a Consultant for television.

Coming from the field of arms and armour (applied arts), Chris has naturally done much work in that field, but another aspect of his work is the relationship between different arts and artists, and looking at them in the context of their times. No subject can be usefully studied in isolation, and Chris believes that to properly understand art and history, a great deal of general study is required as good grounding for more detailed research.

Chris Dobson’s chosen areas of study naturally focus on the Middle Ages and Renaissance in Italy, and particularly Florence, but also include: The Classical World; Military History; Italian Mercenary Captains (the Condottieri) and their Companies; the Arms Industry in Italy and Europe (from the High Middle Ages to the Baroque); the History of Fashion; Graphic Art, Painting and Sculpture; Architecture; and the World of Dante.

Medieval and Renaissance Florence
Photos: above Chris Dobson; below Sailko (CC-BY-SA 3.0).
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