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Discovering Dante’s Florence

A Traveller’s Guide

Dante Alighieri Divine Comedy


Discovering Dante’s Florence
A Traveller’s Guide


Format: Ebook and Print Book

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Projected release date: December 2020

The next eBook due for release from Chris Dobson is Discovering Dante’s Florence. This eBook is a great companion for visitors to Florence and Tuscany who are interested in the life and works of the great Florentine poet Dante Alighieri (1265-1321), composer of one of the greatest works of Italian literature: the Divine Comedy. This book is about the city that Dante knew and loved, and was ultimately exiled from, seen through his eyes, and those of his contemporaries. It brings to life the vibrant everyday world of Medieval Florence.

In this book you can follow in the footsteps of Dante, moving around the ancient heart of Florence, and visiting sites that would have been familar to Dante himself: the markets, the ancient towers of the noble familes, and the churches of the great religeous orders which were such an important part of Medieval life. Food and drink were an essential part everyday life, and the book also looks at the sort of cuisine popular at the time, and how you can still find what are effectively Medieval Tuscan dishes in the restaurants and trattorias of Florence, even today.

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Dante’s ‘Beautiful San Giovanni’, the baptistry in Florence.
The Maestà di Santa Trinita, by Cimabue.
Copy of Donatello’s marzocco in Piazza Signoria, Florence.
Wines drunk in Florence at the time of Dante.
The Wedding at Cana by Giotto.
Florentine medieval cuisine at the time of Dante.
Photos from the book, credits from left to right/top to bottom: The Baptistry of San Giovanni, photo © Author; Cimabue, The Santa Trinita Maestà, photo The Yorck Project; The statue of the Marzocco in Piazza Signoria (a copy of Donatello’s original), photo © Author; Grapes on the vine, photo © Chris Dobson; The Wedding at Cana by Giotto, photo The Yorck Project; Fresh sardines, photo Deror Avi (CC-BY-SA 3.0).
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