Presenting the Art and History of Italy

Historian Chris Dobson

The Rout of Niccolo Piccinino by Paolo Uccello, now in the Louvre, Paris

Chris Dobson’s approach to his work as an historian has always been that art and history are exciting subjects in themselves, needing no sensationalization to make them interesting. He believes that they can and should be communicated in a clear and informative way, without in any way ‘dumbing-down’ the subject-matter. Chris carries out independent scholarly research in libraries, archives and museum collections worldwide. He works for public museums and private clients, and also on his own projects, which he publishes. He is available for lectures and for TV and radio interview, and he acts as a an historical consultant for film, stage and television.

His chosen areas of study naturally focus on the Middle Ages and Renaissance in Italy, and particularly Florence, but also include: The Classical World; Medieval and Renaissance Military History; Italian Mercenary Captains and their Companies (the Condottieri); the Arms Industry in Italy and Europe from the Middle Ages to the 17th century; Medieval and Renaissance Fashion, Italian Medieval and Renaissance Art, Sculpture and Architecture; the World of Dante.

Chris is available for commissions writing for art and history publications and museum and exhibition catalogues. If you are interested in commissioning written work or employing him as a consultant, please get in touch via the Contact page.

Chris Dobson is an historical consultant for film and TV, specialized in the Middle Ages and Renaissance
Chris Dobson historical consultant on Medieval and Renaissance Italy
Lectures about Medieval and Renaissance Italy by historian Chris Dobson.
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