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Historical Consultancy for Film, TV and Stage

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Historical consultancy for film, TV and stage productions
Getting historical detail right has always been important in period drama, but now the increasing use of CGI, both for actors and their surroundings, has made reconstructing the past a lot easier for film and television, and now the grander aspects of productions that might previously have been ruled out by cost are regularly created using computers. This frees production designers and screenwriters to include superb historical detail in their productions, and given that freedom, getting those details right is fundamental in creating a convincing world on screen.

Chris Dobson’s in-depth knowledge of Italian art and history can bring an impressive level of accuracy to your production, but more importantly, he can put particular details of costume, architecture or interior décor into context for your designers in a way that evokes the feel of a time and place with much more impact. Instead of a lot of unrelated historical details, he can give you a coherent vision that convincingly brings a moment in history to life for your audience.

In over 30 years of working in museums and archives, Chris has built up a profound knowledge of many aspects of Medieval and Renaissance European history and culture, as you will find in his books, which in themselves are great resources for production designers.

As former Master Armourer to the Royal Armouries, he is also a uniquely-skilled expert on the manufacture, style and use of European arms and armour from the Classical World to the 17th century, and their role in society and conflict.

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Historical Consultancy for film and TV productions
Photos: above Yale University Art Gallery; below Manfred Heyde (CC-BY-SA 3.0).
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