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Historical Consultancy

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Historical Consultancy
Chris Dobson is the ideal choice to ensure that your book, screenplay, film or TV programme isn’t just historically accurate, but gives you the real ‘feel’ of that time and place.

Whether you are an aspiring writer hoping to get their first historical novel just right, a production designer trying to reconstruct a period interior, or a TV or radio producer looking for an interviewee to bring an historical period to life, Chris Dobson is here to provide an expert and professional service.

Chris has both a broad and deep knowledge of European art and history. His speciality is Italy in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, but he began his work over 30 years ago with Classical Greece and Rome, and his research regularly covers Europe and England through into the 18th Century. His latest book on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence traces 3,000 of history. His particular interest is in reconstructing the original appearance of artworks, buildings, and their cities, all of which he brings to life through his original research in museums, libraries and archives.

And more than that, he believes that art and history are there for everyone, and don’t need to be wrapped up in impenetrable jargon by specialists. In short, if ‘the past is a foreign country’, then Chris is the interpreter you need on your visit.

Historical Consultancy
Photos: above Chris Dobson; below Schedel (CC-PD-MARK, PD-US-unpublished).
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