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Lectures on Medieval and Renaissance Florence and Milan
Anonymous. Hercules Opening the Olypic Games. Flemish Tapestry, c. 1465-70. Photo: © Glasgow Museums Collection.

Chris Dobson has lectured on European arms and armour and Italian art and history for over 30 years. He has been a regular lecturer at the Wallace Collection, and also given many presentations at other venues, including the Tower of London and the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna. When speaking about European arms and armour and the Medieval and Renaissance arms industry he speaks with the authority of a Master Armourer, and for his lectures on Italian art, Chris brings the experience of an artist with an intimate working knowledge of how the painters and sculptors of the Middle Ages and Renaissance created their masterpieces. With cast bronze, for example, he can explain the creative process from the clay model to the finished, patinated and gilded sculpture, because he’s done it himself. He has experience of working in many materials, including paints and lacquers; textiles; organic materials like horn and antler; leather; iron, steel, brass, and bronze; and gold and silver. Over the years he has also collaborated with other artists of the highest ability, just like the artists in the Florentine Renaissance.

Chris is available to give lectures and gallery talks at the venue of your choice. He can speak on many aspects of the art and history of Italy, and particularly Florence and Milan, but his specialities are:

Arms and Armour and Military History:
Arms and Armour of the Clasical World; Medieval and Renaissance arms and armour and the Milanese arms industry; the Condottieri, soldiers of fortune.
Art History:
Brunelleschi, Donatello and the birth of the Florentine Renaissance; the paintings of Paolo Uccello, particularly the ‘San Romano’ panels.
The History of Florence:
The developement of the city from prehistory to the Renaissance; the Towers of the Medieval city; the Florence of Dante Alighieri; the history of the Ponte Vecchio.

If you are interested in booking Chris Dobson as a speaker, either at conferences or private events, please get in touch via the Contact page.

Plaster mould for indirect lost-wax casting in bronze
Wax model for lost wax casting in bronze
Lost wax casting of bronze
Finished lost wax bronze plaque
Indirect lost-wax casting of decorative bronze plaques, from plaster mould to a refined bronze plaque, made by Chris Dobson. Photos: Chris Dobson.
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