Formerly Master Armourer to the Royal Armouries

Chris Dobson: Artist, Master Armourer

Expert restoration of arms and armor.

Chris Dobson came into the museum field by first reconstructing, and then restoring armour and edged weapons, giving him experience in a wide range of media, including: paints and lacquers; textiles; horn, bone and antler; leather; sheet iron, steel, brass, bronze and copper; hard soldering and welding; fire welding; cast bronze and iron; and gold and silver. In 1995 the quality of his work was recognized by his appointment as Master Armourer to the Royal Armouries. He is the only Armourer in the West to have his Mastership officially recognized. He reconstructed a pair of tournament armours for use in displays of combat at the museum. As an acknowledged expert in the restoration of armour and edged weapons, he accepts commissions from museums and private individuals. He has lectured about arms and armour for over 25 years, and since the late 1990’s he has published his original research as articles, books, and later eBooks, and is available for consultancy work on arms and armour, both for collectors and museums, or for film, TV and stage.

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Fine Reproduction Armor and Edged Weapons
Expert arms and armor consultancy
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