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The Lost Towers of Florence

A Vanished Medieval Skyline

Medieval Towers San Gimignano

The Lost Towers of Florence
A Vanished Medieval Skyline

A5 PDF version 59 pages, 30 colour photos
ISBN 0-9541633-7-0

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Florence was once home to a race of giants.

In the High Middle Ages - long before the Medici came to power - the skyline of Florence was entirely different from the city of today, studded with hundreds of massive towers built by the rival families who plunged Florence into a bloody and pitiless civil war that lasted for generations.

This eBook tells the astonishing story of these vanished giants: how the towers came to be built, what they were originally like, and why they have almost entirely disappeared. It tells you where to see some of the better-preserved towers, even though they are in a much-reduced state, and once you know the distinctive features of these buildings, you will begin to spot the remains of many more, hidden all over the old centre of the city. It makes a great read for the traveller visiting Florence, but is also written for the ‘armchair traveller’ or history enthusiast. The second edition is much expanded, and includes new research and photography.

This eBook is the perfect holiday reading to take with you on your trip to Florence.

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