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San Romano

The Art of War

The Battle of San Romano Paolo Uccello

San Romano
The Art of War


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Art isn’t just about pretty pictures...

Hidden within the symbolism and geometry of three of the most famous paintings of the Italian Renaissance, lies a story of war, murder and political intrigue. San Romano, The Art of War is a detective story about the three great battle paintings by the Florentine artist Paolo Uccello, now divided between three of the greatest art galleries in the world: the National Gallery in London, the Paris Louvre, and the Uffizi in Florence.

This eBook takes the reader to a Florence that was creating an artistic revolution 600 years ago, even as it was fighting for its very existence against the ‘Old Enemy’ Milan, and her allies, and all the while was split by internal power struggles that were also expressed in art. It ranges from the battlefield of San Romano, through the techniques used by Uccello to create the panels, to the layers of hidden symbolism within their composition.

The book goes on explain why documentary evidence recently uncovered in the archives of Florence tells us who actually commissioned the panels, and even changes their names. Finally, it identifies a mystery figure in the London panel, who turns out to be the unsung hero of the battle of San Romano.

This book is packed with colour illustrations of the art of Florence, and readers will be able to follow in the footsteps of the characters within the pages, from the choking dust and noise of the battlefield, via the streets where the artists worked, to the great palaces of their wealthy clients.

This book is a ‘Da Vinci Code’ story for real...

Benozzo Gozzoli paintings Lorenzo Monaco artist Rout of San Romano Paolo Uccello Battle of San Romano Louvre
Photos from the book, credits from left to right/top to bottom, above: Sailko (CC-BY-SA 3.0); © 2013 Photo Scala, Florence © courtesy of the Ministero Beni e Att. Culturali; © Glasgow Museums Collection; © 2013 Photo Scala, Florence; below © Chris Dobson.
The Battle of San Romano Linear Perspective
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