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Tours and Events:

Terms and Conditions

Please note: due to the bespoke nature of our tours, we are unable to accept bookings at very short notice: we need to have all details of your booking confirmed at least 45 days in advance of your tour date(s).


Bespoke Tours, Daily Rates:
Each tour is tailored to your requirements, so prices of each itinerary will be different. Generally speaking though, within a city centre (for example Florence) a full-day tour of approximately 6 hours for a group of 4 people would start around £895. These prices do not include transport (should it be necessary). We would be happy to provide you with a detailed costing for your personal itinerary (see Booking section below).

Entrance fees for museums, galleries and monuments:
These are included in the prices of scheduled tours, but the estimate above for bespoke tours does not include the cost of entrance tickets for museums, galleries and monuments (or fees for special access to museums or monuments). We can book these for you, and they are charged to you at cost price.

Booking Bespoke Tours:

Designing your itinerary:
Once we know your requirements, we can design your itinerary for you for a non-refundable deposit of £180 or by paying the full cost of your Tour/Presentation/Special Event, plus the cost of any entrance tickets for museums, monuments or special events. You make your reservation by making full payment of the cost of your Tour/Presentation/Special Event. Payment can be made by bank transfer or internet payment, or using a debit or credit card.

NB: Please note we cannot fully confirm your booking without full payment, which must be made at least 45 days in advance of the tour/event.

If you want to change the date of a Bespoke Tour or Presentation after booking:
Within reason, and with sufficient notice, the date/time of a Tour/Presentation can be changed after booking, assuming that any museums and/or monuments included in the schedule are open/available, and that Chris and his team are available. If the change necessitates the re-booking of museums or galleries, then you will be charged for purchase of the new tickets. If you think you are going to need to change the date or time of a booking, contact us as soon as possible to discuss it, and we will do our best to accommodate you. We make an administrative charge of £90 for this service.

Cancellation policy:

If You Cancel:
If you have to cancel your Tour or Private Presentation, or your participation in a Special Event, you should inform Chris Dobson as soon as possible in writing, and a scale of refunds applies, depending on the amount of notice you give. The day of cancellation is taken as the day written notification is received by Chris Dobson, including e-mail.

Cancelling Bespoke Tours or Presentations
Up to 46 days in advance: only your deposit is forfeit. A 100% refund of the balance will be made, net of the cost of any tickets for museums, galleries or special events that have already been purchased for you.
At 45 days or less in advance: No refunds are possible. Bad weather is not accepted as justification for a client wishing to cancel a tour.

If Chris Dobson Cancels:
In the unlikely event that Chris is forced to cancel a Tour/Presentation/Event due to unforeseen circumstances, you will receive a full refund. However, he will get members of his team to take over for him, if this is acceptable to participants. Please note his responsibilities do not extend to cover any expenses incurred in booking the rest of your trip, such as flights or hotels.

Privacy Policy:
Your personal data will not be shared with anyone else, unless it is absolutely neccessary for ticket reservations (for example), and in that case it would be restricted to name and essential contact details only.

Payment Methods:

Bank transfer:
Payments are accepted by bank transfer and by direct online payments. Please note that all costs for international transfers must be paid by the sender.

Card Payments:
Credit and Debit Card payments are processed by Paypal on their secure server.

Financial Protection:
In addition to any insurance covering payments made using your credit/debit card, card payments made via Paypal are guaranteed by the Paypal Buyer Protection Scheme.

English Law:
Chris Dobson trades as a UK business, and as such all contracts and agreements are subject to English law.

Clients are sent a copy of these terms and conditions at time of booking. By confirming a booking with Chris Dobson you are confirming that you have read and accept these terms and conditions.


Chris Dobson's commitment to you:
Chris Dobson will do everything possible to ensure that you have a thoroughly enjoyable experience on one of his Tours or at one of his Presentations or Special Events. If anything goes wrong, he will do his utmost to put it right at once. His aim is that all clients are completely satisfied with his services.

Chris Dobson is an artist, historian and lecturer, not a guide. He is in charge of the tours he leads, even when accompanied by a tourist courier or guide. Whilst some of what he does overlaps with the activities of tour guides, the presentations he gives as an art historian are markedly different from those of guides.

Getting there, and insurance:
Chris Dobson is not a travel agent. It is the personal responsibility of all participants to get themselves to the point of departure for Tours, or the location of Private Presentations or Special Events (unless transport is provided by Chris Dobson as part of your booking), and to be in possession of all appropriate travel documents and visas. Participants should also arrange their own travel insurance to cover medical treatment, loss and cancellation. Whilst Chris Dobson will do everything possible to ensure that participants have a safe and enjoyable time on one of his Tours, participants are responsible for their own personal safety and security at all times, and for their personal belongings.

If changes are necessary:
Chris Dobson's Tours, Presentations and Special Events are often organic experiences, so they may evolve and change as they go along (within the structure of the subject being covered), and that is part of their charm. However, sometimes unexpected circumstances arise that make a major change to an itinerary unavoidable. Chris Dobson will communicate any changes to clients as soon as possible, and try to make alternative arrangements, but if alternatives constitute a significant loss to the Tour/Presentation/Event, that you find unacceptable, then you will receive a refund.

Bad weather:
In the event of bad weather Chris Dobson will provide an alternative itinerary if possible, but bad weather itself is not accepted as justification for cancelling a tour (see cancellation policy above).

Your responsibilities as participants:
Participants should be prepared for a fair bit of walking on Chris Dobson's Tours, and you need to be in reasonable health to take part. Chris regrets that he cannot supply wheelchairs, and disabled access can sometimes be a problem in some historical buildings, where local law may prohibit the installation of facilities for the disabled. Please note that summer in Italy is very hot, and due to the number of people visiting museums in high season, temperatures inside museums like the Uffizi may also reach 30º Celsius on occasions.

Chris asks that participants are attentive and cooperative during his Tours, Presentations and Special Events, and that they do not do anything to spoil the enjoyment of other participants. If the behaviour of one or more participants becomes inappropriate to the point of spoiling the enjoyment of others, making it impossible for Chris to continue, or risking ejection from churches, monuments or museums, then Chris Dobson reserves the right to halt the Tour/Presentation/Event at that point, until either the situation is dealt with, or the person or persons responsible leave. If during a tour the behaviour of clients makes the continuation of the tour impossible, then Chris Dobson reserves the right to abandon the tour completely with no refund given.

Please note there may be dress codes for men and women when entering places of worship, and regardless of any personal beliefs, that due respect should be shown when inside these places, where people may be engaged in acts of worship.

Chris Dobson reserves the right to refuse to accept a booking without necessarily giving a reason.

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